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Developed by Steric Systems Inc., PureSmooth™ is a patent-pending electronic filtration-type process that dramatically reduces “burn” and harshness, while opening up flavors, enhancing aroma, helping the spirit mix better with cocktails and improving mouth feel on both aged and unaged spirits.

The flow-through process takes only seconds. Our current production-level, high-volume machines process at over 20 gallons/minute (1200 gallons/hr) and have run successfully in working producers’ facilities. Steric Systems has a variety of cost-effective solutions for producers of all sizes, none of which require the purchase of a machine.

PureSmooth™ processed spirits have been tested by a wine and spirits industry lab that confirmed the process indeed has a measurable, beneficial effect on fusel and long-chain alcohols, as well as oak volatiles, without reducing ethanol proof. Further tests by an FDA-approved lab have confirmed that the process is completely safe.


The benefits PureSmooth™ can offer distillers, co-packers, brand owners and distributors are as varied as the spirits and brands they produce. Using PureSmooth™ to improve an existing product or brand can effectively “move the product up a shelf”. The mid-level spirit can become the premium version, the lower level can move into the middle tier.

By incorporating PureSmooth™ into the development phase of a new brand, the brand developer can launch a higher end product more cost effectively. On the other hand, distillers supplying spirits to many different clients can present a widened array of offerings derived from the same distillate.

As the process works on both high proof and bottle proof spirits, the PureSmooth™ process can be applied at any phase of production.


What They’re Saying:

“Steric Systems absolutely ameliorated the flavor profile of a wood-forward bourbon, perhaps carving out a unique solution to the bourbon world—getting rid of the over-oaked note... Their tech… has opened my palate to the idea that there is a place for new systems in whiskey.”

Fred Minnick

Well-known whiskey critic and best-selling author, in Forbes

Send us your own samples which we will process and return to you, or we can send you processed samples of well-known spirits to try.

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