A Revolution in Wine & Spirits Technology

Ten years ago, a team of inventors and technologists with 27 patents aimed to transform spirits and wine using electromagnetic energy, enhancing quality in real time. Their breakthrough, the Steric Process, can revolutionize the $917 billion wine and spirits industries.

Steric Systems’ patent-pending process lets producers fine tune wine and spirits in ways never before possible. By running products through this software-driven equipment, makers can streamline operations, greatly improve quality, and rescue flawed products. 

  • A major age-old challenge for the world’s largest distilleries is blending product batches with a wide variation of characteristics into a uniform tasting “branded” product.
  • Steric can stream-line (and potentially automate) a significant portion of the blending process for major distillers.
  • The impact could significantly enhance in-plant operating efficiencies, reducing working capital, inventory levels and blending/testing personnel. 
  • Steric enables Bulk/Private Label producers to substitute lesser quality spirit inputs to produce comparable quality spirits.
  • Bulk producers can lower input costs up to 40% while maintaining quality, potentially materially expanding Cost of Goods Sold margins.

Steric greatly enhances flavors, aroma and mouthfeel, thereby providing distillers and winemakers with many revenue and margin driving options.

  • Moving spirits and wine products “up one shelf” supports higher wholesale/retail pricing for distillers.
  • Steric can be used to create multiple new quality SKUs from a single product.
  • Steric can allow younger spirits to come to market sooner, for example, making a two-year-old whiskey taste more like a four-year-old whiskey. This allows distillers lower inventory levels and associated carrying costs.
  • Steric can convert low quality products that might otherwise be disposed of into saleable higher quality products
  • The wine (and to a lesser extent spirits) industry must contend with a substantial amount of production that is subpar or not saleable as a bottom-end product.
  • Steric can rescue and make saleable a major portion of this product that would otherwise be disposed of, materially impacting producer revenues and margins. 

Customer Validation Successes

Consistent Neutral Spirit
An Indiana-based co-packer was using carbon filtration to eliminate the strong acetone and industrial nose commonly found in sourced neutral spirits. After installing a Steric-1000, not only did they eliminate hours spent filtering their neutral spirits, but they also established a more premium and consistent base for their vodkas, gins, and RTDs.
Rescuing Premium Bourbon
A major spirits producer was stuck with very well-aged barrels that were presenting as “dusty” and past their prime, falling far below what consumers would find acceptable in an ultra-premium bourbon. The Steric Process brought the barrels back to life with notes of caramel, creme brûlée, and vanilla. It's currently on the market and selling for over $400 a bottle.
Mixto Tequila Savings
A California-based spirits producer was burdened with an acetone and acetal-heavy mixto tequila unworthy of using in RTDs. After running through Steric, the mixto was so improved that it was bottled as the distillery’s blanco tequila, substituting it for a more expensive sourced product and saving them 40% on their COGS.
Improving 9-Year Rye Whiskey
A heavily tannic and overly astringent 9-Year Rye Whiskey with strong notes of acetone and completely veiled flavors. After running through The Steric Process, the spirit opened up with traditional whiskey flavors, notes of dried fruit, and a long, pleasant finish. The product is currently selling for $75 a bottle on retail shelves.

From nose to full flavors, to long, lingering finish.

Reduce tannins and oak, industrial nose, and off-flavors.

Tame the burn.

Multiple unique SKUs from the same in-house distilled or sourced product.

Make flavors more distinct and accessible.

Raise premium spirits to their fullest potential.

from nose to full flavors, to long, lingering finish.

tannins and oak, industrial node, and off-flavors.

tame the burn.

multiple unique SKUs from the same in-house distilled or sourced product.

make flavors more distinct and accesible.

raise premium spirits to their fullest potential.

fully integrate expressions of acid, fruit, tannin, and alcohol.

over-oaked notes and eliminate off-flavors

multiple unique SKUs from the same in-house or sourced products.

create a fuller, more balanced experience.