Our Story:

Behind the transformative technology of Steric Systems is a team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and wine and spirit aficionados. Over the course of ten years of research and development, the team has developed a system that allows wine and spirits producers to optimize their products.

How the Steric System Works:

Relying on an advanced patent-pending electromagnetic process, the Steric System makes permanent, real-time changes to the molecular structure of wine and spirits products. There is no change to proof or color and no waste stream or residue. The Steric System allows producers to fundamentally change how they make their products, greatly improving product quality, reducing ingredient costs, and simplifying global production processes. This, in turn, has the potential to generate very significant added revenue and cost savings for each producer.


The system has been validated by extensive lab testing, as well as the receipt of the prestigious 2023 Innovation of the Year Award by DISCUS (the spirits industry’s leading trade association). Further validation has come through 20+ trials which include top global spirits makers and their master distillers and blenders, with a 100% success rate.

Meet the Executive Team at Steric Systems

William Fay


Bill served as CEO or President of creative and technical enterprises for over 30 years, including having helped create billions in enterprise value at Legendary Pictures and Centropolis Entertainment.

Steve Goldstein


Steve is an inventor and serial entrepreneur. He spent five years as Walt Disney Imagineering Director of R&D–Advanced Technology Research, then five years at Sony Development as Chief Technologist. Steve is the named inventor on 26 patents he has licensed or taken directly to market.

Eric Bergerson


A true polymath, problem-solver and inventor, Eric has deep experience across diverse fields of engineering, technology, and innovation, including consulting work for Microsoft, Epson and numerous start-ups.

Kevin Jordan

Head of Software Systems

Kevin has worked on a variety of projects since 1997, including as a contractor for the US Navy writing the control systems for the Navy’s 4 mile rocket sled, their 9 jet engine wind tunnel and remote control full-size tethered helicopter, as well as in the non-military sector on multiple industrial control systems and various other projects, most recently focusing on embedded controllers.