The Steric Process and Wine

Your vineyard, your wine, your way – in its best expression. It’s your aspiration and Steric Systems’ revolutionary tool helps you achieve it.

Component Expressions Unlocked with Our Revolutionary Tool

Industry veterans and wine neophytes might use different words to describe a wine in harmony, but both can identify a wine that is (or is not!) well-balanced.

The best vintages from growing regions around the world are defined by how their individual expressions of acid, fruit, tannin, and alcohol have combined over time to deliver an elegant cascade of flavors and textures that are beautifully balanced.

It is this equilibrium of component expressions that the Steric Process has unlocked.

Groundbreaking, Patent-Pending Technology

The heart of the machine in the box is in the programming that governs the electromagnetic field.

Our process allows winemakers to:

  • Achieve ideal expression without additives, filters, or chemicals
  • Perfect wine at a molecular level
  • Enhance expression of acidity and fruit, as well as texture and beverage density
  • Tame less attractive characteristics

Neither a Design-a-Wine Program nor an Artificial Aging Process

We can’t make citrus flavors express like berries, but if the subject wine has flavors, however restrained, that are more attractive when they are more pronounced, we can absolutely help.

Don’t think of this as a factory mold that will cast your product into a copy of another generic wine.

Your Wine and Spirits Optimized in Three Steps

Once you see our process in action you won’t believe how efficient and easy it is to optimize your wines. Getting Steric Systems into your facility is just as simple.

send us a

Tasting is believing. With a one liter sample we can show you the transformation.

lease our

We have solutions for every size of business and type of production.


With the power of the Steric Process you will gain new control over the wines you produce and be able to maximize their value to suit your business needs.

Nature Can Be a
Finicky Business Partner

We can help fill in those things nature may not have gifted your grapes with at birth and reshape those things maybe you wish she had not given you.

Steric is all about elevating the drinking experience inherent in your grapes, and we would love the chance to process a few samples for you to try.