The Science Behind the System

With Steric Systems you now have the ability to rescue, modify, and optimize wine and spirits for unparalleled product quality.

Groundbreaking Science That’s Simple to Use

The patent-pending Steric Systems process uses a dynamically adjusted electromagnetic field to break down and reform compounds in wine and spirits to improve their overall aroma, flavor profile and mouth feel. With wine this means the winemaker is able to adjust and balance their wines’ expressions of acid, fruit, tannin, and alcohol. With spirits, it allows the distiller to dramatically reduce “burn” and harshness, while opening up flavors, enhancing aroma, and improving mouthfeel of both aged and unaged spirits.

Organoleptic results are readily apparent, but the actual proof is in the laboratory results. Click the link below to request a complete set of laboratory data on samples of Bourbon and GNS that were run through a thorough GC analysis. 

Experience What Transformation Tastes Like

send us a sample

To truly experience the power of Steric Systems, we invite you to send us a sample of your product for processing using our machines.

What we do:
Once we receive your sample, the Steric Tasting Team will run it through our process.

What to expect:
Your samples will be processed based on your desired outcome. The clearer the goals, the easier it is for the tasting team to narrow in on the appropriate processing levels.

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