The Steric AIR is a portable processing unit built into a checkable suitcase with the ability to service customers anywhere in the world. A Steric Technician will bring this unit to your facility, help you determine your optimal processing levels, and process your products in a few days or less.


Our newest unit, the Steric Artisan, is a smaller scale machine capable of processing ~300 gallons an hour. Designed for the average craft and mid-sized producer, the Artisan is ready to elevate your production to a new level of quality and consistency.


Capable of processing nearly 1,000 gallons an hour, the Steric 1000 is intended for high-volume, industrial-scale customers. Each unit has a scaled down processor called a “sidecar” built into it which allows distillers to sample their products 100mL at a time to find the ideal processing level for their products on their own.