The People & processes Transforming Wine & Spirits

Behind the incredible technology of Steric Systems is a team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and wine and spirit afficionados.

Alcohol Alchemy:
The Steric Systems Story

The allure of alchemy has enchanted minds and eluded experimenters for centuries.

But now, by using a revolutionary new technology, becoming a virtual alchemist of wine and spirits is possible.

Steric Systems has developed a process which puts the creation of consistently exceptional wine and spirits into the hands of winemakers and distillers. Over the course of 9 years of research and development, Steric Systems has developed a patent-pending process that builds on what these producers have created using groundbreaking scientific technology to let them optimize their products. The Steric Process takes only seconds, with user selectable settings that give them unprecedented control over aroma, mouthfeel and flavors.

Begin the transformation: harness Steric Systems technology today by sending us a sample of your wine or spirit for processing.

Meet the Executive Team at Steric Systems

William Fay


William Fay (CEO) is a Co-Founder of Steric Systems. Prior to Steric, he was a successful film producer and entertainment company executive for over 25 years. 

He was a co-founder and President of Production of Legendary Entertainment, a private equity backed entertainment company. Fay served as Executive Producer on many successful films including the box office hits “Superman Returns,” the Spartan epic “300,” Ben Affleck’s “The Town,” “Clash of the Titans,” and “The Hangover,” which was the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time. Legendary also joined with Warner Bros. to co-produce and co-finance over 20 films including “The Dark Knight” trilogy and “Inception.”

Prior to Legendary, Fay was President of Centropolis Entertainment and Executive Producer on blockbusters including “The Patriot,” starring Mel Gibson, and “Independence Day,” which at the time of its release was the second highest-grossing motion picture of all time. Under his leadership, the company also successfully developed digital entertainment ventures such as and Centropolis Effects, a top-tier visual effects house.

Fay attended Stanford University and UCLA Film School.

Steve Goldstein


Steve is an inventor and serial entrepreneur. He spent 5 years as Walt Disney Imagineering Director of R&D–Advanced Technology Research, then 5 years at Sony Development as Chief Technologist. Steve is the named inventor on 26 patents he has licensed or taken directly to market, many of which were successfully marketed worldwide by such retailers as The Sharper Image, Radio Shack and Costco, as well as other international distributors.

In college, Steve founded Eagle Security Products, which he later sold to a multi-national security corporation, Assa-Abloy.

Eric Bergerson


A true polymath, problem-solver and inventor, Eric has deep experience across diverse fields of engineering, technology, and innovation, including consulting work for Microsoft, Epson and numerous start-ups.

Kevin Jordan

Head of Software Systems

Kevin has worked on a variety of projects since 1997, including writing the control systems for a 4 mile rocket sled for the US Navy, a 9 jet engine wind tunnel, a remote control full-size tethered helicopter, multiple industrial control systems and various other projects, most recently focusing on embedded controllers.

Kevin has a Computer Science degree from Cal Poly Pomona.